Ultrasound Technician Salary

If you want a lucrative salary in medical field but you have not decided yet your branch then ultrasound technician is a best choice which satisfies your expectations and your dreams about your future. It doesn’t give you the satisfaction and salary only although it gives you the opportunity for advancement and development in you field which enlighten your future.

Experience matter a lot in the field of ultrasound technician because generally a ultrasound technician salary is  approx $40000 to $55000 per year but if the ultrasound technician is working in a hospital or any private clinic for almost four year but it is less than 10 years then he/she can earn up to $70000 per annum. It is influenced by many other factors also which can increase the salary of the ultrasound technician.

There are some factors which can affect the technician salary on a large scale which are given below.

ultrasound technician salary in usa1. Education

The qualification of the ultrasound technician can give an impact to the salary criteria. This is a determining factor because the higher qualification you have then there are higher chances to get higher salary rather than a lower educational level technician. For example a degree holder in this respective field gets higher salary than a one year vocational course certified technician.

The institute or the university which is reputable and produces excellent technician and graduates can help a lot to increase your income and this help to find a job at the best location.

2. Experience level

This rule is followed by every field if the one has experience then he/she will get higher salary than a fresher one. Just like that a ultrasound technician salary is generally $40000 to $50000 per year but if he/she has the experience of working in this field for almost 15 years then he/she will get up to $90000 per year and other incentives too.

3. Specialization

If a candidate has a specialization in specific field like in breast sonography, gynecology, and neurosonography then he/she will get higher compensation at the primary level because of the specialization training.

ultrasound technology Education

4. Type of practice

The higher compensation you get if you work for practice in private place rather than working in hospitals but it is costly because you have to bear some expenses like the employee’s salary and own equipment and their maintenance.

5. Location of Practice

Salary ratio of the ultrasound technician differs state by state. Texas is the one state which pay the ultrasound technicians the lowest salary which is $24000 t0 $70000 per year rather than New york pay the highest salary which ranges from $35000 to $115000.

How to increase the income:

Further studies

If you thinking to increase your income and you are certified with a one year vocational course then you have to go for the next level for a degree course or an associate degree which can give a push to your yearly income surely.

Licensed or registered

It is not necessary to be licensed for being an ultrasound technician but it is required for such employers which require the registered technician from affiliated institute.

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