Ultrasound Technician Job Description

Ultrasound technician is also known as diagnostic Medical Sonography technician and ultrasound technologist.

Salary range:  The annual salary range for Ultrasound technician is from $43000 to $80000.

Employment opportunity:  employment prospects for the ultrasound technician is excellent.

Advancement prospects:  possibility for the development and advancement is good.

Prerequisites for ultrasound technician:

Education and training:

For becoming a technician a candidate should have certificate which can be achieved within 1 to 2 years. Some associate degree programs or other bachelor degree programs are available for becoming ultrasound technician.

Experience Required:

Volunteering or Experience working in health care department is helpful.

Special skills:

Good communication skills help to make feel the patient happy, comfortable and safe as well

Special Requirements:

Through ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography) a voluntary certificate is available.

ultrasound techincian

Career as Ultrasound Technician

The employment opportunity is increased from past few years and with an ultrasound technician course you can make your career bright and look forward with a challenging career options available if one can get experience.

Ultrasound or sonography requires direct approach with the patients so the technicians must have the good communication skills to handle the patients so they can feel comfortable and safe which can help them for testing easily. An ultrasound can be done for a number of diseases diagnose and per conditions required. Patient may have fears about this therapy so technician must have the experience and alternatives to remove his/her fears and make him/her relax and comfortable.

If someone mentions the word ultrasound then most of person has an image of pregnant and a black and small image of baby on the monitor in mind but now it is not limited for knowing the fetus growth and health development. Nowadays the ultrasound technology is useful for various purposes like abdominal diagnosis for spleen, kidney or liver diseases and heart complication and brain trauma. The career of ultrasound technician is safer than x-Ray technicians.

Job Description

An ultrasound Technician has various duties to perform, which are given below:

  • Operate the ultrasound instruments
  • Explain the whole process to patients for their ease
  • Monitoring and managing the Sonographic instruments
  • Sorting the Sonographic images
  • Maintain the patient history in files
  • Updating the records
  • Preparing the work timing
  • Evaluating the instrument purchases

Workplaces and Salary

Most of the hospitals have their working hours in shifting in day and nights even in the weekends with the possibility. They are also available on call.

The ultrasound technician also works in the medical diagnostic labs, imaging labs, emergency clinics, health clinics and physician’s offices.

The salary of the technician depends on the location of the employment and according to the US department of Labor the annual salary of the ultrasound technician is $57000. It ranges from $43600 to $80000 for annual base.

Some hospitals offer the ultrasound technicians the highest salary with extra credentials and some pay according to the experience of the technician.


Some institutes, hospitals, technician schools, universities offer training in diagnostic medical sonography. The specific programs or courses offered through the schools are certification in ultrasound or sonography and associate degree or four year degree program in the respective field.

There are almost 70 affiliated courses that are affiliated through the commission on affiliation of Ailled Health Education courses (CAAHEP) in US.

Once the degree is achieved then one can go and complete the degree program for ultrasound and if qualification is higher then one can grow very easily.

Career Growth

Over the next decade there are possibilities for increasing the employments in Sonography field.

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