How To Become An Ultrasound Technician

If you want your career in the medical field but you are not decided yet the branch in medical field to focus on then you should go with the course or program offered for ultrasound technician. The ultrasound technician which is also known as sonographer or the ultrasound technologist, the profession of the ultrasound technician is one of the most lucrative and popular career nowadays.
Although the study period for becoming a sonographer is very short but it can fulfill the financial requirement with the upcoming job opportunities and advancement as well.

Three easy steps for becoming Ultrasound Technician

Step 1: complete the program or ultrasound technician or sonographer course which is affiliated by CAAHEP.

Step2:  Then graduate and complete your clinical training for the real experience and direct interaction with the patients.

Step3: fight the competitive exams name ARDMS exams.

Step 4: simply apply for positions as a certified and registered clinical sonographer.

What is an Ultrasound Technician?

An ultrasound technician generally takes the internal image of the human body organs and very large images of the human body tissues and the blood flow so that it can help the physician and the doctors to find out the real problem of the infection or the disease.

Generally they work in the hospitals and physician offices although some technician work in the private fields also.

Fields of medical which are heavily depended on the ultrasound instrument are gynecology, neurology, and obstetrics.

Duties of the ultrasound technician:

Ultrasound technicians or the sonographer do various jobs related to the use of ultrasound and sonography equipments and they also do the administrative task as well.

1. Explain the process to the patient 

The ultrasound technician take digital image of the patient organs and before doing the task they explain the whole process to the patient which make them relax and comfortable. They answer any query related to sonography to the patient.

2. Adjusting the sonography equipments and patient positioning

After giving explanation to the patient then they set the instrument and apply a special gel to the area of human body which is to be examined and keep the patient in the position where it could get the proper and best digital view.

3. Take the internal image of the patient organ

Ultrasound technician take images of the patient organ with the help of the sonography instrument which help the physician to diagnose the exact problem.

4. Decide the best scan for diagnose purpose

Before delivering the scans to physician they judge the best or proper scan for correct diagnosing from a physician. They evaluate the best and accurate scans and deliver them to the doctor to make any judgement.

5. Minor tasks

They keep maintenance of the sonography instruments and patient records. They decide about purchasing the new one equipment if the old one is not working well.

Educational Requirements:

You do need some subject in high school to come into an ultrasound technician program preferably you  should have English, maths, computer science, health and both life and physical sciences. If you do not have any medical background then you have to fulfill some prerequisites for entering into this program. Some colleges demand to have a CNA program before having entry into a DMS course or program.

This course is available in many institutes, schools and colleges.

Ultrasound Technician Programs

CAAHEP has already affiliated  more than 150 training courses and programs for the ultrasound technicians which are available in many more institutes and universities. You can also choose online studying.

There are 4 types of programs available for ultrasound technician:

  1. Four year program: This is a bachelor degree which develops a more experience ultrasound technician.
  2. Two year program: This is an associate degree which can be beneficial for the ones who do not want to spend their time in studying.
  3. One year program: This is another fast track option for the career shifters and for those who are already in the health care department and seeking for the other opportunity for development.


For sonographers there is no need to be certified but if someone wants to increase their mark-ability then he/she can pass a competitive exam conducted by ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography).

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